Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I finally have a date for my TMS therapy: May 24!
I have to go into the clinic next week to sign consent forms. Then at the first session they will tell me about what is going to happen. I am looking forward and dreading what is to come.
Looking forward because maybe it will help. Dreading because I doubt it will.

I have been told that the sessions will be 10 minutes long, five days a week for five weeks. I am scheduled for what is called the “Theta Burst Protocol.” The researcher who has been developing it, Dr. Jonathan Downar, Toronto Western Hospital, speaks about it in this video in 2014:

Just go to the 15 minute mark which is when he starts talking about treating treatment resistant major depressive disorder (MDD). For statistics about mental health and treatment availability, start at 8 minutes (and for the U.S. just multiply the numbers by 10). The Q&A after the main talk has some good info too. 

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